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Monroe Virtual Services

Phone: 208-450-9597  Email:

Save Your Precious Time and Outsource Daily Tasks

MVS is dedicated to making your life and business easier.

Request Our Assistance

Hire an MVS Executive Virtual Assistant today.

A virtual assistant is invaluable if you have a busy life.

Virtual Assistants can provide remote assistance with almost any type of essential but time-consuming job or task. For example, database management, business reports, Internet research, personal correspondence, gift sending, meeting planning, email maintenance, editing, proof-reading, speech writing, social media maintenance, newsletters, marketing, banking, and travel arrangements are among our possible services to choose from.

Timely and efficient Executive VA service when you need it...
  • Delegate Tasks That Free Your Time
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Support Immediate Executive and Personal Needs
  • Improve Your Organization
While you probably have the skills to do all or most of your administrative and specialized tasks, you should take an inventory of your day and decide what is the best use of your time. When we are stressed or not at our optimum energy level, our executive and critical thinking skills suffer. It is more important to work smarter and devote your workday to the areas of your business that require your full attention and energy. No matter what your business size, investing in a VA can be a small amount to pay in order to help maintain a stronger work-life balance that benefits both you, your company, and those in your personal life.

MVS Provides Professional Executive Virtual Assitance

Whatever Your Need Is... We Have A Solution

  • Help your business stand out in a competitive market.
  • Balance your schedule.
  • Utilize a Virtual Assistant only when you need one.

Monroe Virtual Services provides the needed services at the right time.

Make great use of your time and resources by letting us handle your tasks.

  • Get business results quicker and more effectively.
  • Save time with a qualified Virtual Assistant.
  • Quickly implement your plans and goals.

How MVS Works

  • Contact us and tell us what you want in a Virtual Assistant.
  • Provide us details concerning your business and personal needs.
  • Let us take care of your tasks while you get down to business and enjoy your free time.
HAVE ANY QUESTIONS?   Feel free to contact us.

Our Services

  • Personal/Family Tasks
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Management Tasks
  • Database and e-Data Organization
  • Telehealth Research
  • Political Management/Speech Writing
  • Event Planning
  • Profile Handling
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Monroe Virtual Services saves you time and money!

  • Work Efficiently
  • Load Management
  • Powerful Business Support
You only pay a Virtual Assistant for the time you utilize their services. You get far more done in less time and at a lower cost by employing an Executive Virtual Assistant through MVS.
  • Productivity of a regular employee: 34%
  • Productivity of an Executive Virtual Assistant: 100%
*Task based on up to 12 hours performance.
What Clients Say...

William R. Bauers, CEO
AKA Limousine Services

I have known Terresa Monroe for 10 years and find that her character and work ethic are excellent and above reproach. She consistently puts her client's needs above her own and always endeavors to help them succeed whatever the project or task. Terresa was responsible for all of my corporate minutes at A.K.A. Limousine and without her diligence, expertise and secretarial skills, this corporation could never have earned, in our 2nd & 3rd years, $1,000,000 plus in revenue. I have the utmost confidence in this woman and I would hire her for any endeavor that I embark on.

Terresa was also the one who got us our transportation/limousine liscensing from the Transportation Authority in Las Vegas - no one in over 20 years in Las Vegas had been able to accomplish this action. She was also pivotal in political organizations and committees we were involved with. I look forward to working with Terresa on many future matters of interest.

James Lam, CEO

We were performing a comprehensive search on the Web for an online secretarial service who could help our overseas based company build a better US presence. We finally came across Monroe Virtual Services and contacted them via email. To this day we haven't met face to face! Their service is great with fantastic turnaround times. Terresa is especially efficient and she had no problem at all getting familiarized with our organization's tasks in a very short time. At the moment, we are using Monroe Virtual Services for catalog copywriting, newsletter promotionals, order payment processing routines as well as personalized customer servicing through email, phone and fax for our US customers. And we have even more tasks coming along as our company expands. We are amazed at Terresa's speed of work as well as her detailed attention to the quality of her work that has helped us so much in building a great company brand for our US market. We have earned more business and customers as a result of our enhanced company image and credibility.

I would definitely recommend any organization big or small to try out Monroe Virtual Services. You will receive nothing but the best!

Kenneth D. Gartrell Ph.D., MBA, MS, CPA

All my executive assistant needs are handled by and through Monroe Virtual Services. Terresa Monroe has handled my affairs for over 6 years with a level of professionalism, confidentiality and dedication that are unprecedented in the professional realm of consultancy, litigation and procurement. She has handled small and large scale projects dealing with everything from computer issues to client diplomacy. Not only is her firm in the top 2% internationally, but her talents and perfectionism are at a premium in today's market for highly skilled consultants and leading edge problem solvers.

Mark Sarro Ph.D.
Boston Economic Consulting Group, LLP

I have worked with Terresa for nearly ten years, and I can't imagine working without the benefit of her organization, knowledge, energy, dedication and skill. Terresa is the glue of our practice, holding together all aspects and members of our operations. From day-to-day items to long-term initiatives, Terresa is always on top of what has to be done, knows how to get it done and always does it supremely well. She is versatile enough to handle the smallest details and the largest client relationships with the highest degree of skill. She has managed virtually every aspect of our practice, regularly going well beyond the call of duty and always with sharp insight and disarming charm. Though she is located across the country, Terresa is the hub of our office. She is seemingly available and responsive at any hour of every day. Her talent and dependability bring a level of efficiency, professionalism and order to our practice well beyond our expectation or our ability to replicate without her. Terresa is a critical asset to our organization, a valued member of our team, a trusted and respected colleague and a faithful friend.

Napoleon Monroe, CEO
New Directions Technology Consulting

Your responsiveness and your attitude is remarkable. In no way could I do the due diligence or other tasks without you.

Our Pricing and Plans

Our standard hourly rate is $25 per hour. Programming rates are dependent on a given project.

Discounted Prepaid Plans...

Basic Plan
$200 / month - Savings of $50
10 hours monthly

Standard Plan
$550 / month - Savings of $75
25 hours monthly

Small Plan
$900 / month - Savings of $100
40 hours monthly

Startup Plan
$1800 / month - Savings of $200
80 hours monthly

Medium Plan
$2700 / month - Savings of $300
120 hours monthly

Commercial Plan
$3600 / month - Savings of $400
160 hours monthly

*Fees are due upon receipt of order.
Used in 15 minute increments until all hours are used.
Unused hours expire after 90 days.

Send a message and get in touch!

Contact Us...

Please contact us by email to tell us your needs:

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